Tire Compound C Grade Mix

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Mix of wigwag, tread, extrusions, tire scrap compounds, uncured & unvulcanized


  • SBR/NR based Off-spec tire compound C grade mix
  • Appearance: Mix of extrusions, chunks, rolls, wigwag, treads, sheets
  • Color: Black, free of metal or fiber
  • Grade: ABC mix grade rubber compound <15% vulcanization
  • Source: Collected from tire manufacturing post production scrap
  • Packing: Palletized or Boxed
  • QTY: 43,000 lb. to 58,000 lb. per truckload

Example breakdown of A B C mix grade tire compound

  • A grade 15% which is wigwag and treads
  • B grade 20% which is strips of the wigwag and small pieces of treads
  • C grade 60% which is mix of extrusions, strips, wigwag, tread
  • D grade 5% estimate
  • Stock is mix of off-spec tire compound sheets, tire compound strips, tire treads, extrusions, end pieces and tire compounds


Tire compound C grade mix is collected from tire manufacturing. In many cases this is a mix of A/B/C grade tire compound. This product service a very good low cost alternative for companies that have the capacity to re-mix, calendar, refine and upgrade compounds. It is ideal feedstock for companies that prefer to save costs on tire compounds while keeping high quality of end product.

Considering this material is a mix of treads and sidewalls, the tensile strength can be 10 to 18 MPA, and hardness Shore A of 60-70 on an average. Actual physical and chemical properties on scrap compounds vary from lot to lot. Material is in odd shapes, many times large chunks or blocks that have to be cut with guillotine into smaller pieces before mixing.


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Our customers include small to large volume manufacturers of recycled rubber products. For instance, we supply tire scrap compounds to manufacturers of molded rubber parts, conveyor belt manufacturers, rubber mat manufacturers and road safety rubber equipment manufacturers.