Butyl Reclaim Rubber

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Fully de-vulcanized, high quality reclaim Butyl rubber 


  • Tensile:  1000+ PSI
  • Hardness: 45 +/- 5 Shore A
  • MV ML(1+4) @ 212 °F 40-60
  • Elongation: 480% Min
  • SP. Gravity: 1.15 +/- 0.02
  • Rubber hydrocarbon:  Min 50%
  • Acetone Extract: 13 +/- 3
  • Ash Content 4 +/-2
  • Carbon black 27 +/- 5%
  • Volatile matter max 1


  • Fully de-vulcanized and reclaimed rubber sheet compound
  • Reclaimed polymer: Butyl IIR 
  • Color: Black, free of metal or fiber
  • Cured feedstock used for reclaim: 100% Butyl rubber inner tubes 
  • Packed as 2000 lb. sheets on plastic pallets. 50 lb. Low melt EVA bags
  • All lots are certified and shipped with COA & MSDS
  • Full truckload QTY: 43,000 lb.
  • Lead time: 4-6 weeks lead time
  • Supply capacity: 200+ tons per month


  • Offers good tack and low air permeability in tire inner liner compounds
  • Excellent resistance to flex fatigue and abrasion resistance for butyl sidewall compounds
  • Ideal tread resistance, aging properties and scorch safety in re-tread rubber compounds
  • Strong bonding strength and smooth finish for Butyl rubber adhesive applications
  • Facilitates low temperature calendaring, mixing and extrusion for extrusion grade compounds

During one or two pass mixing cycles, Butyl reclaimed rubber mixes fast in Banbury or mill mixing process without sticking. De-vulcanized Butyl rubber compound blends well with other elastomers, oils, carbon black, processing aids, accelerators & sulfur. Therefore, custom compounders replace and reduce the use of virgin polymer by blending reclaimed Butyl rubber. Reclaimed rubber can be blended or used as stand­alone reclaimed polymer to produce a lower cost.


We have great control over the procurement and supply cured Butyl rubber feedstock. Therefore, we produce highly consistent quality Butyl rubber reclaimed, de-vulcanized rubber compounds. Subsequently, our capacity to collect and process cured Butyl scrap exceeds 200+ tons per month.

In addition, we offer Butyl cured scrap toll processing and Butyl cured rubber recycling services to convert cured rubber feedstock into a fully de-vulcanized rubber compound.


  • We offer door delivery of full or partial truckloads and warehouse stock
  • Customers can pickup from our warehouse Newark, NJ 07114
  • Shipping available to Northeast, Midwest, South, West coast and Canada