About 24tons Inc.

Company highlights.

  1. Specialized in recycling, reclaiming & supply of rubber feedstock
  2. Global distribution, import, export, warehousing, freight & logistics
  3. Moving over 2 million lb. of recycled rubber every month
  4. Dedicated operations team & unique technology to platform
  5. Growing presence across USA, Canada, South America, Europe & India

Our approach

We understand that businesses are in constant search of new and innovative processes to improve quality standards and achieve cost savings.

In an effort to best serve our customers, we constantly evaluate new processes and find that our customers remain loyal to our products due to the quality, reliability of supply and the fastest, knowledgeable customer service provided by our team.

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Before & After

Our story

There was a time when people could not find a single company that could handle evaluating, collecting, shipping and recycling industrial rubber.

With a quest to bridge the gap between manufacturers, recyclers and end users, 24tons has established a foothold in the rubber industry since 2012. We set out to become the first “one stop shop” for manufacturers to sell recyclable products and for end users to buy good feedstock for up-cycling.

We have transformed and simplified global and domestic movement of recyclable materials, month after month, year after year to become a force within the industry. 

Speed & Simplicity

Core values

Our speed of service and deep connections in the rubber industry creates an ease in working with our team. Our suppliers and customers can efficiently and effectively stay focused on their business, and what they do best.

24tons’ investment in technology and customer service allows for a wide domestic and global reach in moving millions of pounds of materials each month.

24tons.com recycled rubber distributor

Our expertise

Rubber recycling. Technical evaluation, testing, purchase, warehousing, USA & Global distribution.

Toll processing. Convert production cured scrap into fully reclaimed rubber masterbatch, for use back into. production.

Logistics. FTL, LTL Freight to customers across all states within USA, Canada.

Global Distribution. Import & Export to all major ports around the world with top customers and suppliers in Brazil, Colombia, Turkey, India and Europe.

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