Re-mixed, cleaned, upgraded and calendared uncured off-spec compounds

With excellent control of uncured rubber feedstock, 24tons maintains a consistent supply of refined compounds.

Consider reclaiming scrap compounds into a stabilized, refined compound that meets target properties. Let’s say you need 12 MPA, 65 hardness compound under $0.50 / lb. on a commercial scale. We offer refined compounds in full truckload quantities.

Start with a small batch of 1000 lb. and see if our solution works for you.

We door deliver refined compounds to all states across USA, Canada  and ship globally. 

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We service a large customer base spread across USA, Canada, South America, Europe and South Asia. Our sourcing and procurement of recyclable materials is mostly out of USA & Canada.

Our investment in technology, operations and customer service resources ensure the very best experience for our customers. We offer dry van and flatbed shipments to domestic customers and FOB or CFR based container shipments to international customers.

Please contact us to see how we can simplify your procurement of rubber feedstock.