Inner tubes from farm tractor tires, OTR & agricultural scrap tires

We purchase scrap butyl inner tubes from oversize scrap tires


We pickup trailer loads of used scrap tractor tires. We used oversize tire tubes, farm inner tubes and used inner tubes from agricultural equipment tires. We buy truck loads of scrap rubber tubes across many states. We work with a variety of truck tire service shops, farm or agri tire shops that collect used agricultural and OTR tires and save up the inner tubes for sale and recycling.
OTR Agri scrap innertube
Please contact us if you have used inner tubes for sale as scrap / waste inner tubes in bulk loads


Blue stripe scrap inner tubes vs white, red stripe or natural rubber innertubes

The Scrap tire recyclers and truck tire service centers often ask us if we need blue stripe inner tubes separated from other types of used or scrap innertubes such as natural rubber tubes. Inner tubes are usually made of a synthetic rubber that has air-retention  properties  superior  to  natural  rubber.  Between the two types of synthetic rubber tubes—butyl (blue stripe) and GR-S, we buy the blue stripe inner tubes. A butyl type tube is identified by a blue stripe, and GR-S has a red stripe. Other than the standard tube, there are three  special types of inner tubes—radial  tire,  puncture  sealing tubes and safety tubes.