Scrap inner tubes from truck tires

We buy used inner tubes from scrap tires, light trucks & semi trailer casings

We’re buy truck loads of scrap / used inner tubes for recycling. We pickup scrap tire tubes from all states within North America and Canada. We also buy used butyl scrap tubes from suppliers in South America.

* Please contact us for pickup / delivery options for used inner tubes.


Get a price for blue stripe butyl inner tubes or the non-blue natural inner tubes. Get a picked up price or deliver trailer loads of used inner tubes to our Chesapeake, Virginia facility.  

We buy scrap inner tubes from tractor-trailers, semi truck tubes, iner tubes from pickup trucks and butyl tubes from earth movers, other huge tires. We buy truck loads of used / scrap inner tube for recycling. Any size including 31-10.50r-15, 32-12.50r-15, 33-12.50r-15 tire sizes, universal 15 inch rim size.

Butyl rubber is a petroleum-derived synthetic rubber. We purchase butyl rubber for reclaim rubber plants. Butyl inner tubes are used largely with truck tires. Butyl tubes are also found from scrap motorcycle tires and used bicycle tubes. Butyl inner tubes are generally black and typically have a single or double thin blue line which runs around circumference of the tube. To check if a used inner tube is butyl, we do a tear test. We expect the tube to be difficult to rip along both sides of the tear. If you are a scrap tire / casings recycler or truck tire recycler with any quantity of used inner tubes, please get in touch with us.