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Reclaimed rubber from

  • REACH compliant manufacturing process, ISO 9001:2008
  • Commercial scale reclaim rubber production over 800 tons per month
  • Uncured, un-accelerated, fully de-vulcanized reclaim rubber
  • Extruded sheets / slabs / strips of reclaim rubber
  • Manufacturing plant regularly audited and approved by customers


  1. High Tensile reclaim rubber,  1067+ PSI, 55 Shore A
  2. Medium tensile whole tire reclaim rubber, 60 Shore A
  3. Standard tensile whole tire reclaim rubber, 60 Shore A



  1. EPDM reclaimed rubber. EPDM Reclaimed Rubber
  2. BUTYL reclaimed rubber. Butyl Reclaimed rubber
  3. NR single polymer natural rubber NR Reclaim rubber
  4. SBR single polymer reclaimed rubber. SBR Reclaimed rubber

What we do at 24Tons Inc. is simple. Source and distribute reclaimed rubber products that improves compound characteristics and bring savings in production costs. Our customers effectively substitute 20-40% of virgin polymer with our reclaim and continue to produce rubber compounds with comparable technical data and consistent physical properties.

24Tons surpassed a total of 8 million pounds of rubber feedstock import/export and distribution across North America, Europe and India during 2015. We bring an established network of logistics, warehousing and distribution offering direct door delivery and stock materials as needed for our customers.

We understand that customers are constantly in search of new and innovative processes to improve quality standards and achieve cost savings. In an effort to uphold our quality standards, we constantly evaluate new processes and invariably find that our customers remain loyal to our products for quality and steady supply. 24Tons also offers closed loop recycling solutions to customers interested in reclaiming back scrap rubber and production excess materials.