Cured rubber from rubber compounding & rubber parts manufacturers

We recycle cured rubber excess waste from automotive parts manufacturers. Companies that produce waste rubber extrusions, injection moldings rubber waste, rubber stamping skeletons, etc. Almost any kind of rubber compounds in this list.

  • Cured SBR rubber of any kind
  • Cured EPDM rubber hoses, noodles, black rubber
  • Cured EPDM or NR Natural rubber boots, flashers, trims,┬ástrips
  • Cured NR Natural rubber parts (vulcanized)
  • Vulcanized scrap rubber from conveyor belting industry
  • Cured rubber elastomers IR isoprene, natural rubber mixing waste
  • Vulcanized isoprene rubber trims from companies
  • Butyl rubber scrap from inner tube manufacturers
  • Natural rubber parts, stamping skeletons, manufacturing waste
  • Natural rubber inner tubes ( scrap semi tire tubes)
Please contact us with questions on recycling cured rubber compounds.