Uncured rubber compounds & masterbatch

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Un-vulcanized, production excess or off-spec, non-conforming rubber sheets


Rubber masterbatch & compounds in sheet form, strips, wigwag, extrusions.

  • NR clean out scrap rubber, non-production natural or SBR with silica
  • Unvulcanized SBR/NR rubber sheets off-spec rejection form tire rubber compound
  • Uncured NR / SBR masterbatch without cure pack
  • Uncured SBR rubber strips from belting industry
  • Uncured EPDM black rubber strips or slabs
  • Uncured colored EPDM, yellow, orange, white, green
  • Uncured Nitrile NBR rubber sheets gray / black
  • Uncured Natural rubber sheets from engineered rubber manufacturers
  • Unvulcanized fiber friction / Nylon cord friction
  • Uncured EPDM rubber hoses with yarn / friction



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