Tire Masterbatch, No Accelerator




SBR/NR based Masterbatch off-grade tire production excess scrap compound


  • SBR/NR based Off-spec Masterbatch rubber without accelerator
  • Appearance: Wigwag, sheets, un-vulcanized
  • Color: Black, free of metal or fiber
  • Grade: AB grade rubber masterbatch <8% vulcanization
  • Source: Collected from tire manufacturing post production scrap
  • Packing: Palletized or Boxed
  • QTY: 43,000 lb. to 58,000 lb. per truckload


Collected from tire manufacturing plants, specifically before final compound is produced. Tire compound with no accelerator could be downgraded due to excess inventory or off-spec properties, for instance.

Most certainly, this material has a long shelf life because of no curing agent present in the material. However, traces of sulphur curing and scorching is normal in any downgraded masterbatch. Although this material is not suitable to make tires, it is ideal feedstock for custom mixed, recycled rubber compounds.

Tire compound with no accelerator, is ultimately designed to be blended in to finished compound with target properties if 100 to 130 abrasion. Custom mixers however, achieve great physical and chemical properties by blending masterbatch with other tire scrap compounds.


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Our customers include small to large volume manufacturers of recycled rubber products. For instance, we supply tire scrap compounds to manufacturers of molded rubber parts, conveyor belt manufacturers, rubber mat manufacturers and road safety rubber equipment manufacturers.