Tire compound granules SBR/NR



Rubber pellets & granules. SBR/NR rubber

Uncured & unvulcanized rubber pellets separated from steel friction


  • SBR/NR based rubber pellets & granules
  • Made from separating uncured rubber from steel friction
  • Appearance: Ground rubber, granules, crumb
  • Color: Black, 99% free of metal or fiber
  • Grade: One grade SBR rubber compound <15% vulcanization
  • Source: Collected from tire manufacturing post production scrap
  • Packing: Boxes on pallets
  • QTY: 43,000 lb. to 58,000 lb. per truckload


SBR/NR based tire compound granules can be milled in into sheet rubber, wigwag or strips. A low cost alternative for custom compounds made from virgin polymer. Ideal raw material for molded rubber parts.

Granules and crumb made from tire friction could have a high tensile strength of 10 to 18 MPA, and hardness Shore A of 60-70 on an average. Actual physical and chemical properties on scrap compounds vary from lot to lot.


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We work with tire plants and custom rubber mixing facilities across USA & Canada.


Our customers include small to large volume manufacturers of recycled rubber products. For instance, we supply tire scrap compounds to manufacturers of molded rubber parts, conveyor belt manufacturers, rubber mat manufacturers and road safety rubber equipment manufacturers.