NR Banbury Cleanout Rubber

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NR Cleanout rubber sheets collected from Banbury mixing cleanout process 


  • Banbury mixer cleanout scrap, Natural Rubber based
  • No accelerator in compound, except traces from cleaning process
  • Derived from production scrap, natural clean-out rubber sheets used to clean Banbury mixer between mixing cycles
  • Color: Black or colored
  • Packing: Palletized or boxed
  • QTY: 43,000 lb. to 58,000 lb. per truckload


  • Natural rubber 100.0 PHR
  • Carbon Black 10-50 parts by weight
  • Calcium carbonate 5-20 parts by weight

Cleanout rubber sheets are uncured, un-vulcanized and show traces of polymers that were cleaned with the respective material. Majority of mixer cleanout rubber is Natural ( NR ) based.

Custom compounders clean Banbury mixers before and after running batches of different rubber polymers such as NR.  A good composition of cleaning Banbury mixer will help reduce additional heat generation in kneading.


Our customers include small to large volume manufacturers of recycled rubber products. For instance, we supply tire scrap compounds to manufacturers of molded rubber parts, conveyor belt manufacturers, rubber mat manufacturers and road safety rubber equipment manufacturers.