Truck tire inner tubes. Used, scrap semi tubes & flaps

We buy any size used inner tubes for recycling. 

Suppliers, please contact us today by phone or email to

We buy used inner tubes from semi tires, 10x20s and any size truck tire inner tubes. We sort through the used inner tubes and separate good flaps (tire liners), blue stripe inner tubes, red yellow stripe inner tubes and natural rubber inner tubes.

Please contact us today if you are looking to sell used inner tubes or buy flaps.

  • We buy used truck tire inner tubes with blue stripes (butyl rubber inner tubes)
  • We pickup full or partial truckloads of semi trick tire whole tubes with red, yellow lines
  • We buy used truck tire tubes cut into pieces, whole inner tubes with or without valves
  • We accept deliveries of used inner tubes in bales, bins, rolloffs, loose and offer pickup across many states

Sample inventory of used inner tubes:

Blue line used inner tubes from retreading & recap shops




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Used tire flaps. Re-usable good inner tube flaps.

1000.20 Tire tube liners / rubber flaps for inner tubes and semi tires for retreaders

We sell bulk quantity of used, good rubber flaps, tube boots, inner tube liners.

We collect and sort good flaps that whole flaps, with no cuts or rips. These are low cost intermodal tire flaps, available in bulk quantity for sale, delivered to all states within USA & Canada. We are a rubber products distributor, and in the business of recycling inner tubes. Truck tire flaps, liners and scrap semi tire flaps are available from our Akron, Ohio location.

Please contact us today if you are looking for a seller of used tube liners & flaps.

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