NR Cleanout scrap rubber sheets / slabs

No-Cure, production line clean out rubber scrap

Please contact us for pricing and availability. Product code: IGL


Un-cured. Sheet Rubber. Line change clean out scrap rubber 

Uncured, un-vulcanized and un-accelerated Natural Rubber sheets collected as scrap NR rubber. This is Non-Production clean out, without any carbon black mixed in, most of the black color from going through the line to clean up between different types of rubber.
Example composition of this uncured natural rubber sheets is Clay: 100 lbs, NR. : 80 lbs, SBR: 30 lbs, Plastisizer/ oil : 15 lbs Carbon Black or Curing agents are trace elements due to it being a cleaner, but materials is uncured / unvulcanized in mostly sheet form. This is not uncured natural rubber compound — it’s uncured natural rubber slabs without the cure pack.


This rubber stays un-cured for 4+ months and the NR uncured rubber sheets are tested by passing a screwdriver through to test softness of the natural rubber sheets.

Photos of uncured natural rubber sheets.

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