Cut tire sidewalls, cut tire rings and tire treads

We process and sell machine cut, truck tire rings / sidewalls and tire treads from semi tires, cut into 3 pieces.

New buyers, please contact us today to get a quote on:

  • Nylon / bias ply cut tire sidewalls for silage weights or to stamp rubber products
  • Radial tire sidewalls 24.5″, 22.5″ weighing around 24 to 28 lb for bunker covers
  • Cut radial tire treads / tire tops from truck or bus tires for TDF or shredding
  • Sidewalls for traffic safety barrels. Cut tire rings to fit plastic traffic barrels
  • Machine cut radial or nylon sidewalls with no steel sticking out
  • Baled, bundles of sidewalls delivered to any state in US
New suppliers:
If you are scrap tire recycler or processor looking to sell cut tire rings, please contact us today using the form below. Please tell us if you cut radial tire sidewalls or bias ply semi tire sidewalls. We take both kinds, full truck loads of flatbeds and dry vans. We also buy scrap tire inner tubes from semi truck tires. Please contact us today if you have material to sell.
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Truck tire rings, sidewalls for bunker covers & silage pits

For sale. Cut tires & sidewalls for silo tarp weights.


New customers – please include your delivery address in the contact form.


Radial truck / bus cut tires or Nylon (steel free) car tire rings.


Sidewalls rings from radial scrap truck tires for use in dairy farms owners for silo covers. Heavy weight, scrap truck tire rings are about 28 lb each and bus cut tires are 24 lb each. Scrap radial truck and bus tires are cut by custom sidewall cutter, machine cut, no-metal sticking out. These tire rings are ideal for farm bunker silos, silage pits and drive over piles. Sidewalls are ideal for bunker covers, they are stackable and shipped in bundles of 30 or 50 loaded on a flatbed or 53′ dry van / semi load. We load around 1800 cut tire rings per full semi load.

We also supply nylon / bias ply cut tire rings for bunker covers that weigh much less then radials but have no metal sticking out.

Our recent shipments of cut tire sidewalls went to Canada, Iowa, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Upstate New York and Wisconsin. Above are some photos of recent shipment of cut tire rings for bunk silos.



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Truck tire inner tubes. Used, scrap semi tubes & flaps

We buy any size used inner tubes for recycling. 

Suppliers, please contact us today by phone or email to

We buy used inner tubes from semi tires, 10x20s and any size truck tire inner tubes. We sort through the used inner tubes and separate good flaps (tire liners), blue stripe inner tubes, red yellow stripe inner tubes and natural rubber inner tubes.

Please contact us today if you are looking to sell used inner tubes or buy flaps.

  • We buy used truck tire inner tubes with blue stripes (butyl rubber inner tubes)
  • We pickup full or partial truckloads of semi trick tire whole tubes with red, yellow lines
  • We buy used truck tire tubes cut into pieces, whole inner tubes with or without valves
  • We accept deliveries of used inner tubes in bales, bins, rolloffs, loose and offer pickup across many states

Sample inventory of used inner tubes:

Blue line used inner tubes from retreading & recap shops




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Bagomatic bladders from tire manufacturing

Tyre curing bladders & bagomatic butyl scrap rubber bladders

ProductButyl Bladders, passenger, suv and truck size bagomatic bladders in baled form
SpecsVulcanized, scrap butyl bladders, Clean, contamination free 100% butyl tyre bladders
PricePlease contact us
PackingBales loaded in 40 ft container.
Load size20 MT per 40 ft HC container


Please contact us today with your  export inquiry

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Solid tire buffings, Forklift / OTR tires chips

100% black, natural rubber buffings from solid tyres

We are sourcing large quantities of forklift tire buffings and any solid tire retread process buffings. Scrap solid tire buffings range from small sizes to 2″ inch nuggets, typically made from larger chips produced from solid natural tires. We source natural tyre buffings in bulk truck loads for end users within USA and Asian countries.

Please contact us today for buy / sell inquiries.


ProductSolid tyre rubber buffings, mixed or sieved to uniform sizes
Qty100+ mt supply per month
SpecSolid tire buffings, shavings from typical forklift-tyres, NR treadrubber-compound
100% black tyre buffings from retreading lines of forklift tires, heavy equipment tires, solid tires. Humidity 1 %
Sizesmixed size nuggets, upto 2 inches
ImpuritiesFree of all metal, textile and other contaminants, such as stones
Load sizeBulk: 18 MT / 39672 Lbs

Tyre buffings usage varies across manufacturers:

  • Roofing-materials from tire buffings and reclaimed rubber
  • Cryogenic grinding
  • Rubber mats from tire buffings. Typically used in barns, arena, gyms, playgrounds
  • Garden Mulch from tire buffings
  • Mud flaps from tyre buffings
  • Other moulded rubber products made from tyre buffings


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