Pre-cured treads recycling. Camel back rubber recycling.

Scrap, out dated, un-used and surplus tire treads & Camel back

Please contact us for recycling & further info.

We are a USA based rubber recycler that collects large quantities of pre-cured tread rubber from retread / re-cap plants.

  • We recycle any size, any kind of pre-cured treads
  • Whole treads or cut pieces of tread rubber
  • Out of style, dis-continued styles, old and out-dated treads
  • We also recycle out-of spec / off-spec uncured camel back rubber rolls
  • We recycle many types of rejected / rejection / out-dated camel back scrap rubber

See example photos of pre-cured treads for recycling

See example photos of scrap camel back rubber for recycling


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Cured Colored NR & Isoprene rubber feedstock

Super clean, fully cured non-black

Colored Natural rubber & Isoprene rubber


Production excess cured scrap rubber in the form of strips, flash, skeletons.

  • Orange colored natural rubber
  • Grey color natural rubber Single Polymer
  • Cured SYNR light grey color Single Polymer scrap rubber
  • Black color Isoprene rubber
  • Blue color EPDM rubber, single Polymer scrap rubber
  • Cured NR black color rubber
  • Orange color NR (natural rubber) single Polymer scrap rubber

Wire free, dirt free, no metal. Clean scrap rubber sheets, strips, skeletons from medical rubber manufacturing plant. 



If you are a compounding company looking for low cost colored rubber master batch, please contact us to inquire about de-vulcanized, low cost rubber master batch in various colors.

Colored rubber feedstock, ideal use for shoe soles, rubber mats and engineered rubber products.


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Solid tire rubber strips

Peeled rubber from forklift & loader tires


Natural Rubber scrap derived from solid tires.

Wire free, no fiber, scrap rubber sheets.



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Uncured EPDM compounds. Offspec, out of date EPDM rubber

Uncured EPDM scrap rubber for recycling

We buy cured and un-cured rubber from manufacturing / production process for re-use and re-purposing to make wide spec EPDM rubber products

We recycle off-spec EPDM compounds, expired EPDM compounds, unused or old EPDM compound that is not vulcanized (un-vulcanized EPDM)

EPDM masterbatch or Scrap EPDM compounds from automotive weather strip manufacturing and production excess EPDM scrap from molding / extrusions process.

Please contact us, for unused, off-spec, expired, or un-usable EPDM slab rubber, EPDM strips on pallets

Example photos of uncured EPDM compounds.




Please contact us for buy / sell inquiries and recycling options.

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Vamac Viton Cured rubber

Production excess, cured scrap rubber Vamac and Viton Fluoro elastomers

– Fully cured scrap rubber trims and sprues
– Production excess materials
– Sorted by amine cured and bisphenol cured
– Super clean, without dirt contamination
Please contact us for more info. on this material. We also supply a low cost alternative flourelastomer masterbatch made from de-vulcanized Viton / Vamac rubber.
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