Scrap rubber hoses & tubes

Production excess rubber from automotive parts

Wire and metal free, clean, fully cured scrap rubber hoses from automotive rubber parts manufacturing process. Collected and distributed for recycling, and re-grinding wire free rubber. Scrap rubber in the form of tubes, pipes, hoses.

Rubber polymers could be EPDM, NBR

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Example photos of scrap rubber hoses and tubes.


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EPDM rubber hose with nylon

Cured EPDM scrap rubber hose pieces with fiber

Heater and radiator rubber hose scrap

Rubber with aramid yarn enforcer nylon / synthetic fiber

Clean scrap rubber hose out of automotive radiator manufacturer

Average box weight 450 lb gross. Est. 17 mt per 40′ HC container

Manufacturers description as per an example scrap hose. SAE 20R3 and R4 Class D1 & D2

Premium construction Goodyear SAE 20R3 and R4 class D1 and D2 is a high quality coolant hose designed to offer extra long service life on automotive and truck cooling system applications.

This scrap rubber hose is derived from Goodyear Versigard® EPDM tube and cover with two spiral layers of fiber  reinforcement.

Goodyear SAE 20R3 D1 & D2 is a Heater Hose, Goodyear SAE 20R4 D1 is a radiator hose. Both are intended to operate in the range -40°C to +125°C (-40°F to +257°F). This hose can be made Electrochemical resistant or striation resistant. Supplied in both straight and custom formed shapes.


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Rubber recycling from automotive & engineering industries

We handle many different scrap rubber products from manufacturing, mixing and calendering industries. We recycle scrap rubber generated from manufacturers of automotive rubber parts and rubber compounding plants.

Please contact us to inquire about recycling options for these products:

We recycle these uncured and cured scrap rubber products

  • SBR sheets, strips, trims, etc
  • EPDM sheets, hoses (noodles), flashings, wigwag
  • Butyl rubber from compression or injection moulding plants
  • NBR Nitrile rubber sheets, trims
  • NR Natural Rubber sheets and extrusions
  • Polychloroprene (Neoprene) production waste
  • Polyisoprene production scrap
  • and more
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Solid tire buffings, Forklift / OTR tires chips

100% black, natural rubber buffings from solid tyres

We are sourcing large quantities of forklift tire buffings and any solid tire retread process buffings. Scrap solid tire buffings range from small sizes to 2″ inch nuggets, typically made from larger chips produced from solid natural tires. We source natural tyre buffings in bulk truck loads for end users within USA and Asian countries.

Please contact us today for buy / sell inquiries.


ProductSolid tyre rubber buffings, mixed or sieved to uniform sizes
Qty100+ mt supply per month
SpecSolid tire buffings, shavings from typical forklift-tyres, NR treadrubber-compound
100% black tyre buffings from retreading lines of forklift tires, heavy equipment tires, solid tires. Humidity 1 %
Sizesmixed size nuggets, upto 2 inches
ImpuritiesFree of all metal, textile and other contaminants, such as stones
Load sizeBulk: 18 MT / 39672 Lbs

Tyre buffings usage varies across manufacturers:

  • Roofing-materials from tire buffings and reclaimed rubber
  • Cryogenic grinding
  • Rubber mats from tire buffings. Typically used in barns, arena, gyms, playgrounds
  • Garden Mulch from tire buffings
  • Mud flaps from tyre buffings
  • Other moulded rubber products made from tyre buffings


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Post industrial scrap butyl rubber gloves & soles

Scrap butyl rubber from post industrial, scrap gloves & shoe soles

  • We are sourcing bulk loads of scrap butyl rubber gloves and scrap rubber butyl rubber soles
  • Scrap post industrial rubber MSDS (data sheet) available upon request
  • This material is currently captured loose in gaylord boxes

Please contact us for buy or sell inquiries as well as export of post industrial scrap rubber products.


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