SBR Reclaimed rubber

Single Polymer, SBR De-vulcanized reclaim rubber


HIGH TENSILE 942+ PSI Hardness 50+ Shore A.


SBR F28E is a non-tire single polymer, 100% mechanically de-vulcanized slab rubber. The SBR master batch reclaim rubber sheets are fully un-cured, un-accelerated and ready for mixing or milling with sulphur cure pack. Rubber compounding and mixing companies use this SBR reclaim as virgin polymer replacement. It’s derived from new post-industrial rubber sprues and trims from rubber gasket manufacturing process. This is 100% metal free, guaranteed, tested and certified SBR master batch rubber.

SBR reclaim de-vulcanized rubber contents:

  • SBR Elastomer (100% SBR): 46%
  • Carbon Black: 33%
  • Process Oil: 14%,
  • Accelerants and stabilizers = 7%


Product CodeSBR RECLAIM #F28E
Hardness (Shore A)50 +- 5
Tensile Strength (PSI)942+
Elongation (%)130% min
Compression Set (%)25% max



Appearance:Black slab rubber strips, in 6″ coils
Free of metal, consistent properties lot by lot
Applications:Tread rubber compounds, solid tires, conveyor belts, automotive & non-tire extruded and molded parts
Product info.● Single polymer, 100% thermo mechanically de-vulcanized rubber● Extruded black slab rubber sheets / strips

● Doesn’t stick to mills or mixers. No offensive odors● Free of metal, Consistent properties lot by lot

Packing● Extruded 6″ strips, 50 lb. coils, palletized, stretch wrapped and banded.
Features● Mixes fast, without sticking, during banbury / mill mixing in one or two pass mixing cycles● Compounds easily with other elastomers, oils, carbon black, processing aids, accelerators, and sulfur

● Can be used as replacement or filler. Blend or stand­alone polymer, low cost masterbatch

● Maintains aging properties and compound viscosity

Packing photoSBR Devulccanized non-tire rubber 24Tons


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Typical Physical Properties (model compound) with SBR devulcanized non-tire rubber master batch.


Zinc Oxide5,00
Stearic Acid1,00
Petroleum Wax3,00
Recycled Rubber100,00


Formulation and results cured at 150C with SBR reclaim rubber

Devulcanized SBR  Masterbatch100
SBR 1502 (Processing Aid)3
N330 Carbon Black3
Naphthenic  Oil3



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Mechanically de-vulcanzied rubber

Single polymer NR, EPDM, SBR, Butyl, NBR rubber masterbatch


Also available as custom compound developed to your specs.


Masterbatch products: 

  1. NR masterbatch. Single polymer NR­F32 derived exclusively from NR inner tubes
  2. EPDM masterbatch. EPDM­F41 derived from window channels
  3. SBR masterbatch. Single polymer SBR­F28E derived from gasket manufacturing process
  4. Butyl sulphur cured. Butyl­PNE derived exclusively from butyl rubber inner tubes
  5. Butyl resin cured. Butyl­BLD derived exclusively from tire curing bladders



  • Uncured, un­accelerated masterbatch from 100% thermo mechanical devulcanization process.
  • Single polymer, carbon black and oil. No additional ingredients added
  • Available as a compound with accelerators, sulfur and processing aids
  • Homogeneous product, lot by lot. Doesn’t stick to mills or mixers
  • Less loss of properties compared to any other kind of polymer substitute
  • Consistent supply of 20 to 100 tons per month, delivered to your location



  • Can be used as a replacement or filler with virgin SBR based compounds
  • Low compound viscosity allows easy compression and injection molding
  • Incorporates well with tire compound formulations, custom formulations for belting, automotive and industrial rubber applications
  • Higher quality of devulcanized masterbatch enables customers to use high concentrations in various SBR, NR, IR, EPDM, IIR compounds without reformulation of the virgin compound
  • High retention of the physical properties of the original compounds. Can be mixed in without problems associated with other types of commercially available devulcanized rubbers made by chemically modified – autoclaved baked tire compounds


Packed in 6″ extruded rubber coils, 1200 kgs per skid. 20mt min. order, door delivery available. 


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Cured EPDM rubber roofing membranes

Scrap roofing membranes for recycling

Clean scrap rubber from commercial roofs, without glue or tar. Separated by reinforced and non-reinforced roofing membranes. Baled and stacked ready for transport.

Please inquire for samples and a delivered price.


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