ADMEX 910 Polymeric Plasticizer

Eastman Chemical ADMEX 910 Polymeric Plasticizer.

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Off-spec / agenda prime material – Admex Plasticizer kept in a clean environmentally friendly warehouse and drums are in great shape and properly labeled. COA’s available.  This is prime polymeric material but there is some slight variation between lots, therefore available as off-spec / off-grade / expired / aged polymers.

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Uncured tire rubber compounds

 Un-vulcanized, uncured tire rubber compounds


We buy, sell, re-purpose and recycle uncured rubber compounds. 


Please contact us for pricing and quotes. 

  • SBR/NR based un-cured non-vulcanized rubber compounds
  • Production excess scrap rubber compounds
  • Uncured, not fully vulcanized
  • Off-spec production excess rubber compound from tire manufacturing
  • Collected from tire manufacturing process
  • Uncured rubber sheets, wigwag, chunks, strips
  • Mixed grades of A, B, C uncured tire compounds


Example photos


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Uncured NBR compound

NBR – Nitrile Uncured & un-vulcanized rubber compound

Production excess rubber compound from gasket manufacturing process. Uncured, un-vulcanized NBR rubber in the form of lumps collected as purge of cylinder and stringe from the result of bleeding cycle in rubber gasket manufacturing process. This material is not off-spec or off-grade NBR. It is production excess material from rubber manufacturer.

Consistent material, homogenous lot by lot. Available 50 tons per month from east coast USA.

Photos of uncured NBR rubber


Properties: Mooney Scorch, Reometer-MDR, Tensile Strength, Elogation, Durometer, Density..

NBR Uncured Properties CMR

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