Uncured NBR compound

NBR – Nitrile Uncured & un-vulcanized rubber compound

Production excess rubber compound from gasket manufacturing process. Uncured, un-vulcanized NBR rubber in the form of lumps collected as purge of cylinder and stringe from the result of bleeding cycle in rubber gasket manufacturing process. This material is not off-spec or off-grade NBR. It is production excess material from rubber manufacturer.

Consistent material, homogenous lot by lot. Available 50 tons per month from east coast USA.

Photos of uncured NBR rubber


Properties: Mooney Scorch, Reometer-MDR, Tensile Strength, Elogation, Durometer, Density..

NBR Uncured Properties CMR

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Cured rubber from rubber compounding & rubber parts manufacturers

We recycle cured rubber excess waste from automotive parts manufacturers. Companies that produce waste rubber extrusions, injection moldings rubber waste, rubber stamping skeletons, etc. Almost any kind of rubber compounds in this list.

  • Cured SBR rubber of any kind
  • Cured EPDM rubber hoses, noodles, black rubber
  • Cured EPDM or NR Natural rubber boots, flashers, trims, strips
  • Cured NR Natural rubber parts (vulcanized)
  • Vulcanized scrap rubber from conveyor belting industry
  • Cured rubber elastomers IR isoprene, natural rubber mixing waste
  • Vulcanized isoprene rubber trims from companies
  • Butyl rubber scrap from inner tube manufacturers
  • Natural rubber parts, stamping skeletons, manufacturing waste
  • Natural rubber inner tubes ( scrap semi tire tubes)
Please contact us with questions on recycling cured rubber compounds.
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Uncured NBR Nitrile rubber compound

We source NBR, Nitrile uncured rubber mix from auto plants.

Nitrile rubber in uncured form from auto moulding and extrusions plants in USA. Material loaded in gaylord boxes, separated from other rubber compounds with minimum to no percentage of vulcanization.

For buy or sell inquires for uncured rubber, please contact us today.

Uncured NBR rubber compound photos:



Frequent Q&A for un-cured rubber:

What is loading weight / size of 40 ft container?

– Approx. 40,000 to 44,000 LBS

Where does the uncured rubber come from? Is it tire plants or automotive plants?

– These photos are for uncured NBR rubber compound from auto moulding plants (USA origin)

What is the % of vulcanization or vulcanization? 

– This rubber is un-cured. It has minimum to no vulcanization

Is this uncured SBR/NR mix from tyre plants?

– No. this is not uncured rubber from tyre plants. It is from automotive molding plants and it’s NR Nitrile uncured rubber

Please contact us for buy or sell inquiries for industrial uncured / unvulcanized waste rubber products:

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