Solid tire rubber strips

Peeled rubber from forklift & loader tires


Natural Rubber scrap derived from solid tires.

Wire free, no fiber, scrap rubber sheets.



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SBR sheets from tire plants. Uncured, unvulcanized

Off-spec SBR-NR rubber sheets, tire masterbatch & rubber compounds


Off-spec Masterbatch without cure pack & unvulcanized rubber compound with sulphur cure pack. Grade A, B, C

Unvulcanized masterbatch without cure pack and un-cured SBR-NR rubber rubber compound from tire manufacturing process.

Available as scrap SBR masterbatch without cure pack or tire rubber compound with SBR and natural rubber. Tire factory rejection, scrap, off-spec Grade A masterbatch.

Low-cost rubber compound used in engineered rubber products ranging from automotive to belting applications. Used for technical rubber products, bumpers, mats, gaskets, pads, wheels, tread rubber and shoe sole applications.


  • Uncured and unvulcanized rubber sheets
  • Sourced from tire manufacturing plants in USA
  • Scrap tire rubber masterbatch with carbon black and oil, without cure package and scrap tire Grade A rubber compound with cure pack


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Mechanically de-vulcanzied rubber

Single polymer NR, EPDM, SBR, Butyl, NBR rubber masterbatch


Also available as custom compound developed to your specs.


Masterbatch products: 

  1. NR masterbatch. Single polymer NR­F32 derived exclusively from NR inner tubes
  2. EPDM masterbatch. EPDM­F41 derived from window channels
  3. SBR masterbatch. Single polymer SBR­F28E derived from gasket manufacturing process
  4. Butyl sulphur cured. Butyl­PNE derived exclusively from butyl rubber inner tubes
  5. Butyl resin cured. Butyl­BLD derived exclusively from tire curing bladders



  • Uncured, un­accelerated masterbatch from 100% thermo mechanical devulcanization process.
  • Single polymer, carbon black and oil. No additional ingredients added
  • Available as a compound with accelerators, sulfur and processing aids
  • Homogeneous product, lot by lot. Doesn’t stick to mills or mixers
  • Less loss of properties compared to any other kind of polymer substitute
  • Consistent supply of 20 to 100 tons per month, delivered to your location



  • Can be used as a replacement or filler with virgin SBR based compounds
  • Low compound viscosity allows easy compression and injection molding
  • Incorporates well with tire compound formulations, custom formulations for belting, automotive and industrial rubber applications
  • Higher quality of devulcanized masterbatch enables customers to use high concentrations in various SBR, NR, IR, EPDM, IIR compounds without reformulation of the virgin compound
  • High retention of the physical properties of the original compounds. Can be mixed in without problems associated with other types of commercially available devulcanized rubbers made by chemically modified – autoclaved baked tire compounds


Packed in 6″ extruded rubber coils, 1200 kgs per skid. 20mt min. order, door delivery available. 


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Natural rubber reclaim / NR reclaimed

Replace virgin NR with natural rubber reclaim.


Description: Natural rubber reclaim, fully de-vulcanized, 100% metal free, low cost replacement of virgin Natural rubber. It’s consistent in price and properties.

Usage: Can be used as stand-alone polymer masterbatch with accelerators and sulfur for low-cost rubber compound manufacturing. Used for technical rubber products, bumpers, mats, gaskets, pads, wheels, tread rubber and shoe sole applications.



  • Fully Un-cured, un-accelerated NR rubber in masterbatch form
  • Homogeneous product, lot by lot.
  • Clean & free of contaminants
  • Very consistent material properties
  • No offensive odors
  • Doesn’t stick to mills or mixers
  • Non-tirem, single polymer masterbatch with carbon black and oil


Typical Physical Properties (NR model compound)

NR-F32 de-vulcanized rubber masterbatch can be easily compounded with other elastomers, oils, carbon black, processing aids, accelerators, and sulfur in internal mixers or two roll mills in one or two pass mixing cycles. Below formula for natural reclaimed rubber made into a ready to use NR compound with addition of accelerators, sulfur, and small amounts of carbon black, and processing aids.


Physical Properties of NR model compound

Cured @150C t90 +5’

Hardness Shore A


Tensile Strength (Mpa)


Elongation at Break (%)


Specific Gravity (gm/cm3)


Compression Set (%)




Cured @150C

t01 seconds


t90 seconds


MH lb-in..


ML1 + 4@100C


Packaging for NR rubber masterbatch / compound. 

Available in extruded 30 kg coils (approx). Thick ¾” X 6” wide. Forty coils per skid. Product covered with EVA black bags, polyethylene wrapped, and banded.




Please contact us if you are looking for a USA based distributor for rubber masterbatch. We deliver to all states within North and South America.


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Natural rubber inner tubes from semi tires

Used / scrap inner tubes for recycling and re-use

Light truck innertubes, semi truck tire inner tubes, farm / agri tractor tire scrap inner tubes.

We recycle used or scrap inner tubes and arrange for pickup / freight for full truck load of used inner tubes or pallet size pickups.

We buy used, scrap butyl inner tubes and natural rubber inner tubes in bulk loads.

* Please contact us today if you have used or scrap inner tubes for sale.

Natural rubber scrap / used inner tubes: Red stripe, white stripe, red white & blue jelly fish type inner tubes.

Size & weight: The truck size tubes, OTR tire tubes are around 1 to 2mm  thick and weight around 6 lbs each.

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