Natural rubber inner tubes from semi tires

Used / scrap inner tubes for recycling and re-use

Light truck innertubes, semi truck tire inner tubes, farm / agri tractor tire scrap inner tubes.

We recycle used or scrap inner tubes and arrange for pickup / freight for full truck load of used inner tubes or pallet size pickups.

We buy used, scrap butyl inner tubes and natural rubber inner tubes in bulk loads.

* Please contact us today if you have used or scrap inner tubes for sale.

Natural rubber scrap / used inner tubes: Red stripe, white stripe, red white & blue jelly fish type inner tubes.

Size & weight: The truck size tubes, OTR tire tubes are around 1 to 2mm  thick and weight around 6 lbs each.

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We buy used inner tubes for recycling.

Recycle used inner tubes from semi tires.


Looking for a US company that recycles inner tubes? Please contact us today.


We pickup scrap inner tubes from all states within USA. We work with commercial tire dealers, semi tires service centers, retread or recap shops all across the US. We recycle blue line semi tire tubes.

We buy truck loads of used / scrap inner tubes. Any size including 31-10.50r-15, 32-12.50r-15, 33-12.50r-15 tire sizes, universal 15 inch rim size light truck tire inner tube or heavy truck tire inner tubes.

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