EPDM rubber hose with nylon

Cured EPDM scrap rubber hose pieces with fiber

Heater and radiator rubber hose scrap

Rubber with aramid yarn enforcer nylon / synthetic fiber

Clean scrap rubber hose out of automotive radiator manufacturer

Average box weight 450 lb gross. Est. 17 mt per 40′ HC container

Manufacturers description as per an example scrap hose. SAE 20R3 and R4 Class D1 & D2

Premium construction Goodyear SAE 20R3 and R4 class D1 and D2 is a high quality coolant hose designed to offer extra long service life on automotive and truck cooling system applications.

This scrap rubber hose is derived from Goodyear Versigard® EPDM tube and cover with two spiral layers of fiber  reinforcement.

Goodyear SAE 20R3 D1 & D2 is a Heater Hose, Goodyear SAE 20R4 D1 is a radiator hose. Both are intended to operate in the range -40°C to +125°C (-40°F to +257°F). This hose can be made Electrochemical resistant or striation resistant. Supplied in both straight and custom formed shapes.


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