Uncured EPDM Rubber compound, 60-80 duro

Unvulcanized, production excess Sponge EPDM rubber compound strips


  • 60-80 duro, Sponge uncured EPDM rubber compound
  • Uncured EPDM rubber compound scrap
  • Production excess from custom mixing plant
  • Uncured, Un-vulcanized ribbons of rubber compound
  • Fresh from custom mixing plant
  • Supply of 42,000 lb. every two months

Also available as granulated uncured EPDM rubber compound. This is production excess rubber collected from a custom mixing plant. Ideal for low cost, EPDM rubber products including EPDM rubber floor mats, EPDM rubber gym mats and rubber parts made of EPDM rubber with 60-80 duro.


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Photos of uncured EPDM rubber compound:

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EPDM Reclaimed rubber sheets

Highly quality, single polymer EPDM reclaim rubber



  • Derived exclusively from EPDM automotive weatherstrips
  • Guaranteed metal free, homogenous lots with consistent properties
  • Hardness 55 to 60, Shore A based on grade of reclaimed rubber
  • Elongation 250% on high tensile reclaim rubber
  • Rubber hydrocarbon 47% or higher
  • NON-Aromatic oils used in minimal % for reclaim rubber production



  • REACH Compliant, with SVHC and PAH test reports available
  • Commercial scale Monthly production of 2000+ metric tons as of 2016
  • ISO 9001-2008 Certified manufacturing plants
  • Plants successfully audited and approved by customers
  • Exclusive, completely separate production facilities for Tire reclaimed rubber and Butyl reclaimed rubber




Product code:EPDM #702
Derived from:EPDM automotive weather strips
MV ML(1+4) @ 212 °F30-45
SP. GRAVITY1.14 +/- 0.02
Rubber hydrocarbonmax 30
Acetone Extract30 +/- 5
Ash Contentmax 20
Carbon black25 +/- 5
Volatile mattermax 1




Product info.● Extruded black slab rubber sheets / strips
● Doesn’t stick to mills or mixers. No offensive odors
● Free of metal, consistent properties lot by lot
● All lots certified and shipped with COAs
Applications:Tire inner liners, industrial hoses, engineered rubber compounds, molded and extruded rubber parts, conveyor belting, battery rubber containers, shoe soles, rubber liners and sheets
Packing● Extruded slabs, separated by low melt point EVA bags
● Labeled and streteched wrapped on plastic pallets
● Bulk packing or 50 lb. low melt point EVA bags, for easy handling
Characteristics● Mixes fast, without sticking, during banbury / mill mixing in one or two pass mixing cycles
● Compounds with other elastomers, oils, carbon black, processing aids, accelerators & sulfur
● Can be used as replacement or filler. Blend or stand­alone polymer, low cost masterbatch
● Maintains aging properties and compound viscosity






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Cured Colored NR & Isoprene rubber feedstock

Super clean, fully cured non-black

Colored Natural rubber & Isoprene rubber


Production excess cured scrap rubber in the form of strips, flash, skeletons.

  • Orange colored natural rubber
  • Grey color natural rubber Single Polymer
  • Cured SYNR light grey color Single Polymer scrap rubber
  • Black color Isoprene rubber
  • Blue color EPDM rubber, single Polymer scrap rubber
  • Cured NR black color rubber
  • Orange color NR (natural rubber) single Polymer scrap rubber

Wire free, dirt free, no metal. Clean scrap rubber sheets, strips, skeletons from medical rubber manufacturing plant. 



If you are a compounding company looking for low cost colored rubber master batch, please contact us to inquire about de-vulcanized, low cost rubber master batch in various colors.

Colored rubber feedstock, ideal use for shoe soles, rubber mats and engineered rubber products.


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EPDM rubber powder. EPDM rubber dust.

Super fine EPDM rubber dust. 80 to 120 mesh EPDM granules


  • Production excess, EPDM rubber powder for sale
  • Metal free EPDM rubber powder
  • Small mesh size, 80 mesh to 140 mesh size EPDM rubber particles
  •  Packed in super sacks, all mesh sizes mixed, sizes are not sieved
  • Byprodut from grinding process in automotive belt manufacturing
  • Fully cured, EPDM rubber for use as low cost filler or polymer replacement



This EPDM rubber powder is a a free flowing fine mesh size EPDM rubber dust that offers a significant cost savings in EPDM based compounds. It disperses well with a variety of engineered rubber applications that use EPDM polymer. Works well as low cost EPDM filler or polymer replacement with Virgin EPDM compounds and/or scrap EPDM compoundsAvailable for sale and shipment to all states within USA or major ports around the world.


EPDM rubber dust pictures & properties.






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Uncured EPDM compounds. Offspec, out of date EPDM rubber

Uncured EPDM scrap rubber for recycling

We buy cured and un-cured rubber from manufacturing / production process for re-use and re-purposing to make wide spec EPDM rubber products

We recycle off-spec EPDM compounds, expired EPDM compounds, unused or old EPDM compound that is not vulcanized (un-vulcanized EPDM)

EPDM masterbatch or Scrap EPDM compounds from automotive weather strip manufacturing and production excess EPDM scrap from molding / extrusions process.

Please contact us, for unused, off-spec, expired, or un-usable EPDM slab rubber, EPDM strips on pallets

Example photos of uncured EPDM compounds.




Please contact us for buy / sell inquiries and recycling options.

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