Uncured EPDM compounds. Offspec, out of date EPDM rubber

Uncured EPDM scrap rubber for recycling

We buy cured and un-cured rubber from manufacturing / production process for re-use and re-purposing to make wide spec EPDM rubber products

We recycle off-spec EPDM compounds, expired EPDM compounds, unused or old EPDM compound that is not vulcanized (un-vulcanized EPDM)

EPDM masterbatch or Scrap EPDM compounds from automotive weather strip manufacturing and production excess EPDM scrap from molding / extrusions process.

Please contact us, for unused, off-spec, expired, or un-usable EPDM slab rubber, EPDM strips on pallets

Example photos of uncured EPDM compounds.




Please contact us for buy / sell inquiries and recycling options.

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