Silage tires to cover feed piles

Cut tires for silage weights & bunker covers


  • Wire free, cut tire rings to cover tarp
  • Tire sidewalls from passenger / suv tires
  • Metal free tire weights to cover silage piles
  • Bunker covers for sale, shipped in truckload quantity


Please contact us for for sales & quotes. We deliver to all states within USA & Canada.


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Cut tires to cover feed piles

Wire free tire sidewalls drop shipped

If you’re looking for a supplier of cut tire rings, please contact us today for a quote.

We supply wire free, truckload quantity of sidewall tires to cover feed lot piles.

We drop ship passenger / car / light truck tire rings to all states within USA

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Cut tires for silage, sidewalls for bunker covers

Clean cut, wire free sidewall tires for tarp covers

  • Heavy rubber cut tire covers used widely for milk dairies to cover feed
  • Ideal for cattle farms and agricultural use, will protect and cover tarp
  • Truck load delivery to all states within USA
  • Sidewalls and cut tire rings drop shipped to midwest, west coast, east coast.


Please contact us today.


Photos of silage bunker covers, cut tire rings and sidewalls. 



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Silage bunker covers sidewalls

Cut tire rings for bunker tarp covers


Please contact us for pricing and availability. We deliver cut tire rings to all states in USA.


  • Truck tire rings don’t hold water
  • Clean cut sidewalls are ideal to cover bunker silage tarps
  • Heavy truck tire rings hold down silage tarps without tearing
  • Sidewalls ideal for cattle farms, milk dairies building bunker covers
  • Cover 14000 square feet of silage with one truckload of sidewalls
  • Tire rings are stackable, and shipped in bundles of 50, total 1700 per truck load
  • Secure your bunker silos with machine cut, clean sidewalls with no metal or wire sticking out

Photos of bunker silo cover tire rings.

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Silage tarp weights. Sidewall tires

Cut tire rings, bunker silo sidewalls.


  • Clean cut tire rings, bundled in 25 or 50
  • Sidewalls from truck tires or cut car tire rings
  • Full truck load supply of truck tire rings 1700 per load
  • Full truck load supply of car tire rings (no wire) is 10,000 sidewalls per load
  • All sidewalls neatly bundled and shipped in dry van trailers or flatbed truck
  • Keep the tarp on for protect feed quality for dairy cows
  • Sidewalls supplied and shipped to all states within USA


Please contact us for pricing and availability.


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