Bromo butyl sheets. Unvulcanized. Uncured off grade

* Material available for immediate delivery

Palletized rolls of bromo butyl rubber sheets available

Bromo butyl scrap rubber rolls of 1/4″ thick bromo butyl x 48″ wide x 62.25′ long. Bromo butyl sheets has a textured poly on one side, rolled on cores, boxed, suspended on the cores. There are 6 boxes of bromo butyl rubber compound to one pallet, each roll weighing about 350lbs. The sheets are generated from a factory producing bromo butyl sheets used as liners in mining equipment.

The bromo butyl rubber compound is in its uncured state, but just past the expiry meaning it has begun to cure up.

Please contact us if you are interesting in bromo butyl rubber sheets. 


Spec sheet showing tensile strength and other characteristics of bromo butyl sheets.

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