Nylon scrap tire & cut pieces. Baled

Scrap nylon tires, cut pieces, strips, wire free rubber bales.


Production excess, cut pieces / rubber skeletons from die cut manufacturing unit.

  • 100% nylon bias ply steel free scrap rubber bales
  • Cut pieces, strips, shavings, small and big slices
  • No beads, no bead wire
  • Absolutely no metal
  • Nylon rubber with fiber


These bales are made from a die-cutting production process. Scrap nylon tires are cut into small pieces, and the remaining scrap skeletons are baled. Some whole nylon tires that are totally scrap and structurally damaged are also included the bales. The bales have cut tire pieces, long shaved strips of wire free rubber and rubber pieces with fiber, no metal. Bales can be separated between the scrap nylon tires and scrap rubber parts.


Photos of nylon scrap rubber bales.

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