Pre-cured treads recycling. Camel back rubber recycling.

Scrap, out dated, un-used and surplus tire treads & Camel back

Please contact us for recycling & further info.

We are a USA based rubber recycler that collects large quantities of pre-cured tread rubber from retread / re-cap plants.

  • We recycle any size, any kind of pre-cured treads
  • Whole treads or cut pieces of tread rubber
  • Out of style, dis-continued styles, old and out-dated treads
  • We also recycle out-of spec / off-spec uncured camel back rubber rolls
  • We recycle many types of rejected / rejection / out-dated camel back scrap rubber

See example photos of pre-cured treads for recycling

See example photos of scrap camel back rubber for recycling