Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




Where are you located? 

Our sales office is in NY. We collect and distribute rubber feedstock from three warehouses across Mid-west, East-Coast and West-Coast.


Where do you deliver to?

We ship a wide range of rubber feedstock products to all states within USA, Canada.

We also export cured and uncured rubber feedstock to all international locations around the world.




Do you sell tire rings or sidewalls?

Yes we stock and ship to all states within USA. For more info. please see our Sidewalls order page


What is the price of tire sidewalls? 

We quote delivered price to all states within USA & Canada. Please use the Sidewalls quote form and include your delivery location.


How soon can you ship? 

Within one week of receiving your confirmed order. We ship truck loads to customers and also drop ship to East Coast, Mid West, South and West Coast and parts of Quebec / Ontario Canada.


NEED A QUOTE? Please use the contact form below. 

Include your delivery address to get a quote within less then one hour. 



RECLAIMED RUBBER – SBR / NR / EPDM / Butyl ( read more.. )

Do you sell low cost reclaim or de-vulcanized rubber? 

Yes, we sell a wide range of reclaim and de-vulcanized rubber such as SBR, NR, EPDM, Butyl and Polyisoprene.


Do you sell whole tire reclaim rubber? 

Yes, we sell high tensile strength tire reclaim SBR/NR rubber sheets. We also distribute many grades of low cost tire reclaim rubber in USA.


Please contact us for pricing and availability.





TRUCK TIRES & INNER TUBES (read more.. )

Do you recycle scrap inner tubes? 

Yes, we purchase and recycle scrap only the blue line / butyl rubber inner tubes. We buy truckload quantity and less than truckload on skids,  all year round. If you have scrap inner tubes for recycling, please use the contact form and include your location to arrange pickup or delivery.

What do you pay for inner tubes? 

To get a quote, we need to know the quantity of tubes, your pickup location and see some photos of the tubes. We will call you back with a price.


Please use our contact form for general inquiries, new suppliers or purchase inquiries.