EPDM rubber powder. EPDM rubber dust.

Super fine EPDM rubber dust. 80 to 120 mesh EPDM granules


  • Production excess, EPDM rubber powder for sale
  • Metal free EPDM rubber powder
  • Small mesh size, 80 mesh to 140 mesh size EPDM rubber particles
  •  Packed in super sacks, all mesh sizes mixed, sizes are not sieved
  • Byprodut from grinding process in automotive belt manufacturing
  • Fully cured, EPDM rubber for use as low cost filler or polymer replacement



This EPDM rubber powder is a a free flowing fine mesh size EPDM rubber dust that offers a significant cost savings in EPDM based compounds. It disperses well with a variety of engineered rubber applications that use EPDM polymer. Works well as low cost EPDM filler or polymer replacement with Virgin EPDM compounds and/or scrap EPDM compoundsAvailable for sale and shipment to all states within USA or major ports around the world.


EPDM rubber dust pictures & properties.