Selling process


  1. We go over  the pricing, quantity, loading and logistics (by email / phone).
  2. You send a deposit against the terms set in a pro-forma invoice.
  3. Balance payment upon receiving proof of loading and containers checked into the port.



  1. Container loading starts within 10 days of receiving a deposit.
  2. You will receive around 5 loading pictures:
    Empty container, half load container, full load container, door closed showing container & seal number
  3. You can check (online) with shipping company for proof of containers being turned into the port



  1. Deposit as per invoice to book the material
  2. Balance payment upon electronic copy of weight slip + loading pictures + commercial invoice
  3. Currently, we accept TT (SWIFT wire),  RTGS or ACH payments



  • We do not offer, include or provide PSI certification
  • All CNF quotes include ocean freight only




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Sample documents

Need sample letter of credit & contract docs?

Get in touch with us today for any of these..

  • Bank Comfort letter (BCL)
  • Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure Agreement(NCND)
  • Master Fee Protection Agreement(MFPA)
  • Letter of intent (LOI)
  • Proforma Invoice (FCO)
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