OTR Scrap tire bladders

Thick scrap tire bladders from OTR tires

ProductButyl OTR Scrap tire bladders, bagomatic bladders
SpecsVulcanized, scrap butyl bladders, Clean, contamination free 100% butyl tyre bladders
PricePlease contact us
PackingLoose loaded in truck
Load size20 MT per 40 ft HC container


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Hay Bales protected from ground dirt water

Raise hay bales with sliced tire sidewalls instead of clay piles


We deliver full truck loads to all states within US. Please contact us for a quote.

  • Sidewalls are a low cost alternate to protect hay bales and lift off the ground
  • Cut tire rings replace sand piles to lift hay bales
  • You can drive over the tire rings without breaking anything
  • Protect hay bales from water and dirt contamination by place rigid rubber tire sidewalls under the hay bales
  • Rugged, weather resilient tire rubber lifts for hay bales

Tire rubber sidewalls are ideal for protecting hay bales. Place two or four rings per bale, stack multiple hay bales on top. Protect thousands of hay bales from staying on the ground. The spacing between the cut tire slices do drain water and other materials, under the bales. Vehicles and equipment can drive over the tire sidewalls without having to re-build the sand piles to lift hay bales.

See photos of tire sidewalls.


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