OTR Scrap tire bladders

Thick scrap tire bladders from OTR tires

ProductButyl OTR Scrap tire bladders, bagomatic bladders
SpecsVulcanized, scrap butyl bladders, Clean, contamination free 100% butyl tyre bladders
PricePlease contact us
PackingLoose loaded in truck
Load size20 MT per 40 ft HC container


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Uncured tire rubber compounds

 Un-vulcanized, uncured tire rubber compounds


We buy, sell, re-purpose and recycle uncured rubber compounds. 


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  • SBR/NR based un-cured non-vulcanized rubber compounds
  • Production excess scrap rubber compounds
  • Uncured, not fully vulcanized
  • Off-spec production excess rubber compound from tire manufacturing
  • Collected from tire manufacturing process
  • Uncured rubber sheets, wigwag, chunks, strips
  • Mixed grades of A, B, C uncured tire compounds


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