Tire buffings, SBR rubber buffings from truck tires

Clean, metal free, sieved or un-sieved


Rubber dust and tire buffings for pour in place applications, synthetic turfs, shock absorption applications, rubber mats. 

  • Available as sieved to 4 to 10 mesh size truck tire buffings rubber
  • Available as un-sieved raw mixed size
  • SBR rubber tire buffings in bulk quantity
  • 3 to 6 months supply commitments available
  • Rubber buffings range from small to large elongated particles
  • Rubber buffings 44,000 lb. per shipment
  • Delivered to all states with in USA & Canada
  • Available in 50 lb. bags or 2000 lb. bulk super sacks


We supply and ship tire buffings to all states within US. Please contact us for more info. 

Photos or truck tire buffings, large particle size, not-sieved, raw buffings collected from tire retread process and refined through metal detectors.


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Pre-cured treads recycling. Camel back rubber recycling.

Scrap, out dated, un-used and surplus tire treads & Camel back

Please contact us for recycling & further info.

We are a USA based rubber recycler that collects large quantities of pre-cured tread rubber from retread / re-cap plants.

  • We recycle any size, any kind of pre-cured treads
  • Whole treads or cut pieces of tread rubber
  • Out of style, dis-continued styles, old and out-dated treads
  • We also recycle out-of spec / off-spec uncured camel back rubber rolls
  • We recycle many types of rejected / rejection / out-dated camel back scrap rubber

See example photos of pre-cured treads for recycling

See example photos of scrap camel back rubber for recycling


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