Uncured EPDM Rubber compound, 60-80 duro

Unvulcanized, production excess Sponge EPDM rubber compound strips


  • 60-80 duro, Sponge uncured EPDM rubber compound
  • Uncured EPDM rubber compound scrap
  • Production excess from custom mixing plant
  • Uncured, Un-vulcanized ribbons of rubber compound
  • Fresh from custom mixing plant
  • Supply of 42,000 lb. every two months

Also available as granulated uncured EPDM rubber compound. This is production excess rubber collected from a custom mixing plant. Ideal for low cost, EPDM rubber products including EPDM rubber floor mats, EPDM rubber gym mats and rubber parts made of EPDM rubber with 60-80 duro.


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Photos of uncured EPDM rubber compound:

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Uncured SBR Compound Grade A

Uncured rubber compound. SBR/NR


Please contact us for pricing and availability. Product code: CKA


We supply uncured rubber compound from custom rubber mixing plants. This is scrap rubber compound, with the cure pack but material is in sheets and slabs, un-cured form.  These are for different applications such as rubber belting, retread treads and molded rubber parts. There some straight SBR rubber compounds, some can be blends of SBR/NR rubber compounds and some SBR/PBR/NR rubber compounds.

These are their general properties of the scrap rubber compounds. Properties of individual skids may vary, these are listed to give you a general idea.

  • Tensile ~2000 PSI
  • Hardness 60-64 Durometer Shore A
  • Elongation at break ~450
  • Loading 20 MT per shipment
  • Availability 20 to 60 tons per month on ongoing basis

All scrap rubber compounds are stored inside, in normal working condition temperatures. We do not grade the material similar to uncured tire compounds, however this is what we would consider good enough for re-mixing. This low cost rubber compound works for various wide spec applications including conveyor belts and engineered rubber parts made from low cost rubber compounds.

Photos of uncured rubber compound SBR/NR

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