EPDM rubber powder. EPDM rubber dust.

Super fine EPDM rubber dust. 80 to 120 mesh EPDM granules


  • Production excess, EPDM rubber powder for sale
  • Metal free EPDM rubber powder
  • Small mesh size, 80 mesh to 140 mesh size EPDM rubber particles
  •  Packed in super sacks, all mesh sizes mixed, sizes are not sieved
  • Byprodut from grinding process in automotive belt manufacturing
  • Fully cured, EPDM rubber for use as low cost filler or polymer replacement



This EPDM rubber powder is a a free flowing fine mesh size EPDM rubber dust that offers a significant cost savings in EPDM based compounds. It disperses well with a variety of engineered rubber applications that use EPDM polymer. Works well as low cost EPDM filler or polymer replacement with Virgin EPDM compounds and/or scrap EPDM compoundsAvailable for sale and shipment to all states within USA or major ports around the world.


EPDM rubber dust pictures & properties.






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Uncured SBR (non-tire) rubber compound

Production excess, un-vulcanized, uncured slab rubber.

 Please contact us for pricing and availability. Product code: SCC

  • Uncured SBR rubber compound in wigwag
  • Uncured SBR compound strips and chunks
  • Uncured SBR rubber compound slabs
  • This is not tire compound, it’s non-tire, it’s from automotive rubber manufacturing process
  • Shipments could have 10% or more material that may be lumped together and/or vulcanized
  • Uncured SBR rubber compound is with cure pack
  • Use for re-cycling and re-milling into wide spec refined rubber sheets

This low cost uncured rubber compound is used by rubber companies that produce molded goods, conveyor belts and low cost, wide spec engineered rubber parts. Consider it C/D grade uncured rubber compound with impurities. Material is sold on as / is basis and we do not guarantee the properties. Below list of properties if from an example shipment, to give you an idea of variance in lot to lot.

Example properties of sample batches showing tensile, shore A, Abrasion for uncured SBR slab rubber.


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 11.37.11 AM



Please contact us for more info.

Photos of uncured SBR compound and uncured EPDM compound.

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