Uncured EPDM Rubber compound, 60-80 duro

Unvulcanized, production excess Sponge EPDM rubber compound strips


  • 60-80 duro, Sponge uncured EPDM rubber compound
  • Uncured EPDM rubber compound scrap
  • Production excess from custom mixing plant
  • Uncured, Un-vulcanized ribbons of rubber compound
  • Fresh from custom mixing plant
  • Supply of 42,000 lb. every two months

Also available as granulated uncured EPDM rubber compound. This is production excess rubber collected from a custom mixing plant. Ideal for low cost, EPDM rubber products including EPDM rubber floor mats, EPDM rubber gym mats and rubber parts made of EPDM rubber with 60-80 duro.


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Photos of uncured EPDM rubber compound:

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Scrap rubber hoses & tubes

Production excess rubber from automotive parts

Wire and metal free, clean, fully cured scrap rubber hoses from automotive rubber parts manufacturing process. Collected and distributed for recycling, and re-grinding wire free rubber. Scrap rubber in the form of tubes, pipes, hoses.

Rubber polymers could be EPDM, NBR

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Example photos of scrap rubber hoses and tubes.


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