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About us

We supply rubber feedstock products to a select group of industries. We work with ISO certified manufacturing, compounding and rubber mixing plants and tire rubber recycling facilities. We buy, broker and distribute rubber feedstock for end users across USA, Canada, India and South America.

Our sales and admin office is based in New York, warehouses in East Coast, Mid West & West Coast.

We supply a wide range of rubber feedstock products to all states within USA.

Reclaimed rubberExtruded slabs, certified lots, consistent in properties. Up to 400 tons per month capacity ongoing basis, for all polymers.EPDM, SBR, Butyl, NR, NBR, Isoprene, Tire reclaim
Powdered rubberClean, metal free powdered rubber in various sizes. 1-3 mm, 5-9 mm, 30-40 mesh, and sieved to custom sizes. Up to 100 tons per month capacity.EPDM crumb, Truck tire buffings / rubber dust, Tire crumb, SBR crumb (sieved)
Raw rubberProduction excess raw rubber including wide-spec virgin polymers, compounded rubber, clean out sheets, extruded uncured rubber sheets, slabs, wigwag, strips or granules.Uncured compounds, wide spec elastomers EPDMs SBRs, etc, wide spec prime polymers, vulcanizing agents, resins, hydrocarbons, antioxidants
Tire rubberTire rubber scrap in various forms ranging from whole tires to cut tire treads, sidewalls, die cut tire rubber parts, ground tire rubber made to specs.Metal free Nylon bias ply tires, OTR / Loader tire rubber, Radial truck tire scrap
Toll ProcessingConverting fully cured scrap rubber from production process into re-claimed and fully de-vulcanized slab rubber sheets.EPDM, SBR, Butyl, NR, NBR, Isoprene, Whole Tires

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We work with:

  • Rubber compounding, mixing and production facilities
  • Rubber mats and rubber flooring manufacturers
  • Automotive rubber weather strips, seals, gaskets, o-­rings manufacturers
  • Cable / wire, roofing and asphalt sealants, adhesives, coatings, tapes
  • Rubber extrusion, compression molding, die cutting
  • Specialty polymers / elastomers compounding, mixing and production facilities
  • Commercial tire & toll, tread rubber and OTR tire manufacturers & recyclers
  • Reclaim and de­vulcanization of NR, SBR, EPDM, IR, IIR, and FKM specialty polymers


If you are a rubber manufacturer with production excess rubber, please contact us for sale and recycling opportunities.