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We are a leading supplier of rubber feedstock products to customers in many distinct markets sectors. We ship over 8M lbs of rubber feedstock products annually and work with customers across all states within North America, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. Our customers and suppliers include ISO certified rubber manufacturing plants, custom rubber compounders, livestock / agricultural sector and several rubber recycling facilities.


24Tons offers a wide range of rubber products, reliable logistics and door delivery thanks to a tight network of distribution and multiple warehouses located across the US. Our customers benefit from consistent quality products, timely delivery,  and competitive rates in the industry.


Our speed of service, understanding of customer needs, warehousing and distribution network enables us to deliver unparalleled service and quality standards, making 24Tons a value added supply chain partner.


24Tons passion and commitment to the recycled and regenerated rubber industry has not only provided long-term cost advantages for our customers by cutting production costs, but diverted landfill waste in an effort to sustain the environment. Using technology and commercialized advanced processes, we successfully upcycle excess rubber/rubber waste into reusable, like-new raw material.  Customers remain loyal based on our routine evaluation of new processes and consistent product availability – even for high demand products that are in tight supply.    


Reclaimed rubberEPDM, SBR, Butyl, NR, NBR, Isoprene, Tire reclaim
Powdered rubberEPDM crumb, Truck tire buffings / rubber dust, Tire crumb, SBR crumb (sieved)
Raw RubberUncured compounds, wide spec elastomers EPDMs SBRs, etc, wide spec prime polymers, vulcanizing agents, resins, hydrocarbons, antioxidants
Tire rubberMetal free Nylon bias ply tires, OTR / Loader tire rubber, Radial truck tire scrap


If you are a rubber manufacturer with production excess rubber, please contact us for sale and recycling opportunities.